Seasonal and maintenance tasks

During your absence, we carry out the work necessary to preserve the long-term functionality of the building, home, garden.


  • mandatory and periodic service / maintenance
  • venting – dewatering – spring commissioning
  • frost protection
  • periodic checks
  • eaves cleaning

Repairs, modifications, renovations

Damaged tiles? Frozen pavement? Faded paintwork? Cleanliness painting? Is the automatic gate malfunctioning? You don’t have a tools? Why not just rest and let us do the work? Let us do what we do, with quality materials and components. We work precisely, on time with fast deadlines.

  • bricklayer, paver, carpenter, joiner and painter – carrying out work
    around the house with a guarantee
  • Building engineering, water, heating repair and installation
  • Electricity works, renovations, relocations, replacements, eaves cleaning