Pool, air conditioning

Seasonal and maintenance tasks

Do you have an indoor or outdoor pool? Do you need a spring clean-up? Do you need it autumn/ winter ready? Small garden pool or swimming pool? Contaminated? Broken? Clogged? Froze? Contact us with confidence. An important part of your summer vacation for your children / family and friends is a clean, elegant pool.


  • mandatory and periodic service / maintenance
  • venting – dewatering – commissioning in spring
  • frost protection
  • chemical and natural cleaning
  • restauration of damages, pool painting
  • unclugging drain, disinfection

Repair, maintenance, design and construction of air conditioning and cooling systems


  • warranty and after-warranty service
  • gas check / filling
  • repair
  • free survey / design for our customers
  • expansion, construction, with mason / paver / painter work